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The maximum fine for most traffic violations is $200 and criminal offenses can go up to $500 in addition to court costs set by the state legislature. Violations of city ordinances may carry a maximum fine of up to $2,000.  The judge may assess the fine at his/her discretion within the fine range. THE JUDGE IS NOT REQUIRED TO REDUCE YOUR FINE.


In addition to the fine, court costs mandated by state law will be charged. These costs, which differ depending on the offense, are included in the fines. The judge has no discretion to waive or reduce court costs. In addition, if a warrant was served or processed, you will be charged an additional warrant fee.

Court costs are assessed if you are found guilty, plead no contest, or if your case is deferred for a driver safety course.  If you are found not guilty, court costs cannot be assessed. Fines may be increased on a second or subsequent violation or if the violation occurred in a school or construction zone. Contact the Court for any charges not listed below.

Schedule of Fines

Effective January 1, 2014

Speeding Violations




Speeding – 1 -11 mph over limit



                    12 – 20 mph over limit



                     21 or more mph over limit



Moving Violations




Speeding in School Zone 


Passing School Bus (Loading or Unloading) (No DSC)




Running Stop Sign/Red Light




Driver License Violations


No Driver's License


Permitting Unlicensed Driver to Drive

Expired Inspection, Registration, & Driver's License (contact court with questions)



Seat Belt Safety Violation (Driver or Passenger)


Unrestrained Child - Under 8 - Unless over 4'9" tall

Unrestrained Child 8-17

Expired Registration ($20 - If renews & pays penalty fee)

Expired DL ($20 - if renews within time allowed)







Failure to Appear

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No Liability Insurance (subsequent violations may be $2,000+)


All Other Violations

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Giddings City Hall 118 East Richmond - Phone (979) 540-2710