City of Giddings, Texas 

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Giddings Animal Shelter

     The City of Giddings provides a temporary haven for lost, homeless, endangered, or orphaned cats/kittens and dogs/puppies.


     The shelter is a designated as a 501(c)(3) tax deductible non-profit organization according the US Internal Revenue Service and all donations are tax deductible.

     The Giddings Animal Shelter is newly renovated and open for business. Check out this site for information on pet adoption!

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Visit Go to "shelters," then type in "Giddings" as a city or "78942" as the zip code.  Click on "Giddings Animal Shelter."


Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees:  $55.00 Dog
                                 $40.00 Cat

Adoptions do not include spay and neutering of the animal. However, the customer will get a vet voucher to go towards spaying and neutering of the animal. This voucher is good only for those animals that have not been sterilized.

Puppies and kittens require two additional visits to the vet to be current with all their shots. These are the pet owners responsibility.

  • Pets that were altered by a previous owner will be adopted at the same rate as unaltered pets, but the fee is donated to the Animal Shelter.
  • When a pet is taken to a veterinarian other than those the city uses, the owner will be responsible for all medical costs, and must show proof of treatment to the shelter by an agreed upon date.
Giddings City Hall 118 East Richmond - Phone (979) 540-2710